New Patient Experience Workshop

Transforming Fear Into Trust: Oxytocin & Your New Patient Experience

You only get one shot at a first impression. A first encounter is a pivotal moment, with the power to make or break a relationship. Particularly in the doctor-patient relationship, a first impression is vital to trust-building, and this is important because when patients feel safe, connected and cared for, they are able to engage more creatively and collaboratively with their health. When patients engage in collaborative and high-trust conversations, it is much easier for them to envision their best possible health, free from the restraints of fear and finances. This is why we teach our doctors and dental teams to address the health of the doctor-patient relationship first.

Building trust with patients lies at the heart of what we teach in the New Patient Experience Workshop. Trust is the foundation of strong relationships, and building trust is both an ART and a SCIENCE.

October 27 & 28, 2023
8:00 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.

The neuroscience of behavior is an emerging science with more being discovered every day. For example, research shows that consumers make all big-purchase decisions based on emotions, but that they can rationalize these decisions with just enough logic to justify the purchase to themselves and their loved ones: fascinating, isn’t it? There has also been a great deal written about the influence of neurochemicals in our conversations and feelings of trust with other people, and in this course, we will highlight Paul Zak’s work on Oxytocin from his book Trust Factor and Judith Glaser’s work on Conversational Intelligence to equip you with the tools to build stronger relationships.

In this course, we will take you deeper into the process of how patients make decisions, so that you can create your own unique New Patient process. There is a certain order and structure to how trust-building conversations take place, and when they happen in the correct order, the chances of helping your patients choose the best treatment for themselves increases. By the end of the second day, you will have learned the time-tested principles which will enable you to create positive doctor-patient relationships based on trust and be able to create a truly remarkable New Patient Experience for your practice.

The New Patient Workshop is a hands-on, interactive learning experience weaving behavioral teachings from the past & recent neuroscience revelations into a New Patient structure that, together, can produce positive social interactions to intentionally build trust. And trust is, of course, the basis of relationship, which is the foundation of treatment acceptance.

During the two-day “New Patient Experience Workshop – The Neuroscience of Behavior & Treatment Acceptance,” we will teach you and your team how to apply Emotional Intelligence and harness the knowledge of neuroscience for a thriving, insurance-independent practice. You will learn how to convey trust from the first phone call all the way through to the collaborative consultation. Along the way, you will also learn how to interpret value at every step in a truly remarkable, impactful, clarifying, and consistent way for every patient, every time… such that your patients will routinely choose your best and most complete care – at an appropriate fee – regardless of third parties.

The Process

Two days of interactive learning will enable you and your team to become highly effective and transformational in your new patient experience

  • In this course you will learn the principles behind the NP Experience.
  • Work directly with members of our team, seeing firsthand how the process unfolds. Dr. Bob Frazer, Dr. Don Taylor (a Kois Mentor) and Dr. Ryan Coulon ((Pankey/Spear trained) and their Health Relationship Coordinator(s), hygienists, front office staff and hygienists serve as role models for the 3 part New Patient Process.
  • Witness a live scenario to learn from the experts as they help a patient identify their wants, clarify and interpret value for fine, complete care, assess the patient’s probable future and then help them define a preferred dental health future through a comprehensive, prioritized treatment plan
  • Have the opportunity to practice the learning yourself through hands on experiential learning in the form of role playing and watching live demos of each part of the process.

Pricing starts at $1500.00 per person.  However, we offer team discounts for 3+ people.  Reach out to discuss what this looks like for your team.

DEVELOP a customized system for bringing new patients into your practice in a way that instantly builds trust and transforms the way they view the doctor-patient relationship forever.

MOVE people to routinely choose complete quality care regardless of third party restraints and/or a difficult economy

IMPACT your team and practice culture by learning and demonstrating the power of positive connections and conversations.

INSPIRE patients to consistently choose your best and finest care by helping them to understand that they are worth it.

Outcomes-Monday Morning Application

This course is designed to provide guidance you can begin to apply right away. You can expect to walk away with the ability to:

1) Understand how to apply the Neuroscience of Trust in your practice.

  • Be able to examine existing systems in the practice and make changes to enhance trust
  • Have the information and training to create your own High-Trust NP Experience

2) Understand the importance of Emotional Intelligence in building trusting relationships.

  • Know the pivotal importance of self-awareness.
  • Call upon deep listening and vulnerability skills that are so important for trust formation.

3) Understand the importance of the Team and congruence in trust formation.

  • Know that formation begins with the first phone call.
  • Help your Team understand each of their roles in the trust process.
  • Provide the patient with congruence. If any step of the process gets out of alignment, it may cause the patient to doubt and be more skeptical. (Remember: the amygdala is looking for congruence from start to finish.)

4) Understand the practical importance of a High-Trust New Patient Experience.

  • Lay the foundation for the idea of the New Patient Experience becoming the distinguishing feature of your practice; a hedge against corporate dental invasion.
  • Know why to expect increased treatment acceptance.
  • Allow the New Patient Experience to become a pipeline of patient advocates for your practice

Who Should Attend:

Doctors and their teams who are committed to building enduring relationships with their patients and each other.

Your investment includes:
• A Confidential Pre-practicum survey of your practice

• Two-day hands-on practicum

• Valuable Practicum Syllabus for each participant

• Group lunch both days of meeting

• AGD CE credit: Patient education/Motivation: 7 hours; Clinical Diagnosis: 3 hours; Treatment Planning Hours: 3 hours; Neuroscience Based Communication for Case Acceptance (“Case Presentation”): 3 hours

Space for the course is limited and is filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Dr. Ryan Coulon


Ryan will be leading the workshop throughout.

Dr. Don Taylor


Don shares his Experience and  brings wisdom to the process!

Lisa Alvarado

Office Manager

Lisa is an expert in Patient Communication and treatment coordination.