Inspire Possibility


Strategic thinking comes naturally, and this enables me to facilitate small businesses in creating systems that support their goals. Trained in the skills, concepts, and presence to serve as an emotional educator and facilitator of transformation, I enjoy working with other dental offices, helping them create practices that they love and systems that enable those practices to serve their patients with excellence.

Facilitating team learning through workshops, team meeting, and hands on training is thrilling for me and effective for the organizations I work with. The workshop environment I host provides the opportunity for key shifts in thinking and perspective that allow team members to change old habits and choose new behaviors.

I continue to attend the highest quality continued education courses in my field. These courses maximize leadership, communication, training, and self-discovery. I am a member of distinguished study clubs where learning and growth with peers takes me higher by challenging my skills and knowledge. When I am not playing in dentistry, I enjoy learning new things in the areas of spiritual, emotional, and physical health. My proficiency in leadership, motivation, administration, and determination allows me to pursue and conquer my goals through my challenges.My heart is to bring light into this world and bring every person I meet to the awareness that they are loved and valued. I aim to see people reach their full potential and be all they were designed to be.