Adaptive Strategy Design

Our Adaptive Strategy Design is for owners, their spouses and their teams. This rewarding program consists of a pre-retreat consult and assessment followed by a series of three retreats.

  • Uncovering Core Values and then defining them with associated actions to fully implement a values-based culture of teamwork, patient care, and decision-making.
  • The power of articulating a preferred future in your life and practice… how to harness the unbelievable influence that a proactive, applied vision will have in your life.
  • For you what constitutes true fulfillment, success (financial and non-material) with increased freedom, peace and balance for you and those who matter to you. 
  • Harness the power of Episodic Future Thinking.
  • Elevate team commitment and responsibility through their clarified personal values and mission.
  • To draft a focused, functional Mission clearly defining What you intend to become (uniquely valued by those you want to serve), Who you are here to serve (stop wasting time on the wrong people) and How you intend to serve (providing a valued one-of-a-kind experience) as a guide for you and your core team in all important decision making.
  • To clarify the exact kind of team members you will need to achieve your best future. Clarify individual staff and departmental expectations such that the doctor (that’s you!) has less to do and greatly reduced.

More importantly, it is not about just learning these concepts – it is about doing them!  The doing moves you beyond simple training where how-to’s are taught only to be forgotten. Instead, this is true education where beliefs are changed that, in turn, forever change behaviors.

Who Should Participate:

Any doctor or professional struggling to find fulfillment or balance, facing a transition, desiring to chart a course for the next phase of their life, or seeking new ways to break through to the highest level of success in their field.  Reflect and refocus: Just what your life and work may be longing for.

Pre-Retreat Assessment and Consultation

Before the Adaptive Strategy Retreats get underway, we will profile you and your practice to identify your key strategic concerns: both problems and opportunities.  We will do this through a questionnaire and telephone consult during which we will also assess your desired outcomes and make certain this series will help you achieve them.  If so, it is off to Retreat I and the start of a life-enriching plan!

This Pre-ASP phase enables you to see the big picture and ensure a running start.
This assessment and chance to reflect give you and your spouse a common starting point for the planning work that lies ahead.

The Adaptive Strategy Cycle is a graphic representation of what is accomplished during the ASD process.  

We start with Core Values as the foundation.  

Next, also at retreat 1, we develop a Future-oriented mindset which is then used to draft a personal and professional Vision.

Homework after Retreat 1 will include orienting your team to the process of ASD to prepare them for involvement at Retreat 2.

Retreat 2 brings the whole team together to draft office Core Values and Vision.  We also begin work on the Landscape – looking at your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats as well as evaluating the external environment of your office.  

Homework after Retreat 2 allows you to finalize the items from the retreat while also making progress into Business Modeling.  Here is where you will determine your Value Proposition in dentistry.  What is your unique offering to the area?  

Finally, Retreat 3 brings everything together into an actionable design for you and your team to flourish.


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