What We Do

I have the privilege and joy of leading two successful fee-for-service, relationship-based dental practices in my hometown of Midland, Texas. Over the past five years, I have spent the majority of my time in clinical practice cultivating a relationship-based fixed prosthodontic practice, which focuses on treating patients needing complex restorative or cosmetic dentistry, as well as patients suffering with TMD and oral facial pain. My practice, Coulon Watts, is built on the principles of the New Patient Experience and Bob Barkley’s 3-part exam. We use this process on each new patient who walks through our doors in order to create a trusting doctor-patient relationship that highlights the patient’s autonomy and ability to choose the treatment most appropriate for themselves.

One of the things I love more than anything else is teaching Emotional Intelligence and Conscious Leadership to dentists and teams. I also enjoy teaching the foundational principles of excellent clinical dentistry, like comprehensive treatment planning, occlusion, sequencing of complex restorative interdisciplinary cases, cosmetic dentistry, airway prosthodontics, craniofacial development, and TMD and oral facial pain.

What I want to be remembered for, though, is helping highly-skilled clinical dentists do more of the dentistry they were trained to do. The biggest tragedy I hear while speaking and learning all over the globe is that so many well-trained dentists are struggling to implement the systems and structures necessary to execute the dentistry they are capable of. The inability to get this knowledge off the shelf is inextricably tied to a healthcare provider’s emotional intelligence and self-awareness. It is almost impossible to help another person choose your best and finest care if you haven’t learned to defeat your own limiting beliefs and engage with another human being on a level that helps them transform fear into trust.

Why It Matters

Transforming fear into trust is what the 5th Competency: Conscious Leadership is all about and is one of the things I am most excited to share with my friends in the dental community. It will take you on a journey of self-discovery and awakening and give you the tools to engage in powerful, inspiring conversations with both your patients and members of your team. Much has been written on these topics, but Inspero brings them together in one succinct, approachable continuum that will pave the way for you to elevate your practice by becoming the best possible version of yourself. This will inspire your patients and others around you to do the same in their own lives.

Start Your Journey

There is something extremely powerful about living life on purpose, and I want to share generously the blueprint to a life well-lived. It brings me much joy to help others discover THEIR path as well as their why. It is in this process of deep interpersonal work that many discover who and what they really are or want to be. Most of us don’t leave enough space in our lives for this type of self-reflection, which is why we at Inspero believe personal Applied Strategic Planning can be so pivotal to getting the most out your time here on Earth.

Here at Inspero, we want to create a community where everyone is empowered to chart their own course and be all that they were created to be. Dentistry can be hard, and we live in a world full of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. You CAN overcome these challenges; let us help you become a more conscious, mindful, and agile leader.

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