Retreat II

In Retreat II, you will present your clarified personal and professional visions – including your preliminary practice vision to the other doctors and spouses – for feedback, insight and further refinement. You’ll gain an understanding of Stewardship of Wealth (principles for financial well-being) through the superb presentation of Doug Reese, MBA in Finance and President of Wealth Associates, Inc. He’ll teach you several key processes for increasing the profitability of your practice or organization and bringing your vision into fruition financially.

Your Steward Team takes part in a separate session the first two days of this retreat. They connect with professional peers attending, plus key members of our Steward Team.

Objective:  Organizational Vision Creation & Steward Leadership Model

Who Attends:  Drs., Spouses/S.O and key team members in separate sessions Day 1 & 2 (AM)

When:  Wednesday, (3:00 p.m.) through Saturday, (until ~ 4:30 p.m.)

Benefits and Objectives:

  • Connect with group learning and gain insights from each other’s homework, progress and roadblocks.
  • Present your clarified personal and professional visions
  • Sharpen your vision by setting attainable goals and objectives.
  • Learn how to resource Doug Reese, MBA in Finance, for the powerful stewardship of wealth model to enable greater profitability and financial freedom. (Doug taught as part of Retreat II for 20 years. He now works with ASP clients individually as appropriate to their needs.)
  • We will explore the key processes for outstanding practice profitability.
  • Together with your team, begin the focused work of ASP for your workplace.
  • First, through safe, frank, facilitated dialogue about how you are currently doing as an organization then begin to imagine, together, the Future!
  • Achieve breakthrough understanding of stewardship and commitment.
  • Learn applied external marketplace analysis to get the clients you want.
  • Enhance your vision of the practice/organization as the very best it can be, increasing “ownership” and rewards for all the stakeholders.
  • Exciting, mind expanding strategic business model development of your practice as a series of lines of business, each with well-defined systems; learn ideal day and week concepts.

Draft goals, objectives and learn the Integrated Action Plan (I.A.P.) accountability system with crystal clear understanding and reduce doctor’s need to manage.   

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