Retreat I

During this three-day retreat, you will disconnect from your everyday busyness and connect with others attending the retreat. We’ll further assess where you are today, identify if this is really where you’re meant to be, and clarify what your best destiny really is if it were the best possible. 

We’ll start with a careful overview of principle-centered, values-based Applied Strategic Planning (ASP). By learning the powerful ASP process, you will be empowered to create a clear and inspiring vision of your best possible future, personally and professionally. We will assist each of you in crafting a functional, guiding personal vision, mission, and set of core values. Plus, you’ll begin to set meaningful, attainable goals and objectives.

As a huge added benefit, you will increase your understanding of your partner by discovering more about their hopes and dreams for their own and your shared future. Plus, you’ll learn compelling principles of stewardship for you and your team to forge a more rewarding practice. The insightful information gained in this retreat and your new direction prepare you for Retreat II.

Objective: Overview of Your Life and Life/s Work, Develop a compelling Vision of your Preferred Future

Who Attends: Dr(s).,& Spouse/S.O.

When: Thursday (8:00 a.m.) through Saturday, (until ~ 4:45 p.m.)


  • Disconnect from your everyday busyness, relax and connect with others.
  • Clarify and assess where you are today, plus what you want to change.
  • Develop a comprehensive working knowledge of Principle Centered, Values Based Applied Strategic Planning (ASP).
  • Gain a powerful, unique new lens to perceive the world and unleash your highest potential personally and professionally.
  • Free up your future by uncovering those subconscious, self-defeating, fear-based beliefs that may have crept in over the years that stymie your best laid plans, and replace them with empowering, freeing beliefs and paradigms that facilitate breakthrough gains.
  • Create a vision of your best possible future personally and professionally.
  • Clarify and contrast your values with your visions. Modify as needed.
  • Draft an operational mission statement
  • Understand the powerful distinction between a transactional practice and a truly transformational practice.
  • Introduce strategic business modeling and targeted marketing.
  • Benefit from learning how to set meaningful, attainable goals, objectives and action plans.
  • Increase your understanding of your partner in terms of the all the above.
  • Learn the powerful Stewardship model for leading your staff/team.
  • Gain a clear understanding of what works upon your return home to assure progress.
  • Preview and discuss for ASP II, its relevance to you and your practice.

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