Proven Strategies

A six chapter audio series program GUARANTEED to be a valuable learning resource to you, your team, colleagues and friends! Makes a terrific gift for those in a mature practice and those just starting their journey! It’s a gift that keeps on giving!

Pending Treatment Clip from Chapter 1

First of all I would like to personally Thank you for recording this amazing audio series . Each chapter is very informative and easy to understand and to implement in day to day practice. Chapter 5 stands out to me personally as it clarifies the concept of Stewardship for me . I have listened to it multiple times . I have learned and understood concepts regarding Stewardship in dental office.

Chapter 1: “The Nine How To’s for Recession Proofing Your Practice” – 

Learn the secrets that kept my practice profitable during difficult economic times.

Chapter 2:  “Creating the Transformational Practice for Uncommon Success Regardless of the Economy” – 

Learn to create a relationship based, values driven practice experience that is a true ‘Wow’ experience guaranteed to help people routinely choose more of your finest care even in today’s economy! And, send their friends.

Chapter 3:  “The Dentist on the Couch – A Dialogue with Master Counselor & Emotional Intelligence Expert, Bill Woodburn, Med, LPC, LMFT”  – 

Discover the self-defeating ways of underachieving dentists and more importantly, ways to reframe, heal and achieve your highest potential. Learn to win at the ‘Inner Game!’

Who has the Power Clip from Chapter 3

Chapter 4:  “Proven Secrets for Helping People Routinely Choose Your Finest Most Complete Care” –

For 36 years through four recessions these results driven principles and systems presented here have succeeded.  Everything you need to succeed in your new patient experience – especially in today’s economy.

Chapter 5:  “Building the Highly Committed Dental Steward Team” –

Bob shares his mindset and renowned strategies for finding, growing and keeping the high achieving Steward Team. be inspired and energized by a dialogue between Dr. Frazer and two of his key Stewards. EXCEPTIONAL learning resource for your team!  

 Chapter 6:  “Resourcing Your Higher Consciousness for Peace, Prosperity & an Empowering Vision” –

For more than 35 years Bob has used progressive     relaxation and guided imagery for breakthrough success in his own life and those of his clients. He will lead you through this powerful process several times in different ways that are guaranteed to relax, refresh and renew you in a profound way. These sessions are set to beautiful music and you and your team can use them over and over again.

Dr. Bob Frazer

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