Inspero Legacy Transitions




As a seasoned dental professional, are you searching for a way to make the last part of your dental career as fulfilling as the first? Do you wonder how to go about such an important & complex task? Does the coming transition seem intimidating?

As a young dentist, are you searching for a career with success & significance? Is your desire to chart your own course in the profession you have chosen? Are you looking for an for a professional opportunity that considers your needs & situation?

We can help. Because we are different.

Our purpose is to create a practice transition process that serves the mutual interests of owners of successful practices for whom dentistry has been a passion & buyers who desire the same intrinsic rewards experienced by these owners in their professional careers. It is only through a mutually beneficial transition that these special practices will continue to flourish.

At Inspero we have come to realize that a successful transition process requires a comprehensive approach.

Since each transition is different, we individualize our recommendations for each client.

Whether your desire is to continue to practice/mentor or to enjoy the freedom you have earned, The Inspero Practice Transition Group offers comprehensive, tailored transition solutions to doctors interested in Legacy.

“True wealth are those things that I can’t put a dollar figure on.  And one of those things is the part of me that I leave with the whole of you.”

― Craig D. Lounsbrough

Who We Serve

We serve individuals interested in growth & legacy.

· Associateship leading to sale with an associate period for the seller

· Practices adding providers to begin or expand a group practice

OUR PROCESS – Listen, Co-Create, Inspire


“Start with the End In Mind”

    • Listening is the first step in learning about the Vision you have for your Desired Future. We facilitate a process to reveal the details that express the fulfillment of your goals.

The Pre-Transition Coaching Assessment

    • To become clear on your desired future, we gather detailed personal & practice information then devote a day & a half to listening. It is in this time that your Vision of the Future is revealed.


Together we facilitate the creation of your individual pathway to your desired future. This written Transition Action Plan provides the roadmap for your successful transition.

The TAP includes:

    • Your written desired future
    • Personal & Practice Transition Assessment – A summary of findings from the Pre-Transition Coaching Assessment
      1. Personal Readiness
        • An Overview of your transition goals including:
          • A financial snapshot of your personal & professional status & how that ties into the transition
      2. Practice Readiness
        • Assessing the readiness of the practice for transition including:
          • Patient Flow
          • Systems Analysis
          • Team Dynamics
    • Personal & Practice Enhancement Strategy
    • Definitive, prioritized action steps to prepare personally and professionally for transition:
      1. Financial Clarity-Providing a detailed financial pathway
      2. Making the Right Choice-Associate/partner selection & compatibility assessment
      3. Define Expectations-Customized Mentor/Associate/Partner Agreement
      4. Team Alignment-Team alignment/development
      5. Practice Systems Refinement-Fine-tuning systems in order to increase the value of your practice
      6. Practice Valuation/Contracts-Creating a Win-Win
      7. Transition Coaching-Walking alongside you toward your Desired Future


We walk step by step with you through the transition to support a smooth and more joyful process. Using the TAP as our guide, we will work together to execute your successful transition. Our resources include personalized coaching, team development, and fine-tuning systems in order to increase the value of your practice and the impact of your legacy.


A group of professionals with a range of expertise, all aligned with the Inspero Transition Group philosophy. We are able to facilitate each step in the transition process depending on your needs.

Donald Taylor DDS FAGD FICOD-Transition Coaching

Lisa Alvarado-Team Transition Coaching

Doug Reese-Personal/Professional Financial Analysis

Don Watson-Tax Implications

Roger Hill-Practice Valuation/Contracts

Don Taylor
Lisa Alvarado