Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching is the name of an area whose guiding principle has been described as “self-directed learning’. Coaches who utilize this methodology believe that people already have the answers they need, but these answers may be hidden. The coach’s responsibility is to work to find common ground where people can look at situations more clearly, view problems from new perspectives, and create different solutions to the problems they may be facing.

Because different people have different problems at different points of their lives we don’t use a standard, “one size fits all” approach. We believe that just as each dental patient’s needs are unique, so are yours. In our coaching, we will help you remove barriers to reaching your potential, become a more effective leader of both your team and patients, and shape your future consistent with your best hopes and dreams.

For those leaders willing to make an earnest commitment to growth, Performance Coaching can be a solution. Performance Coaching consists of a Pre-Assessment series of regularly scheduled phone consultations with your Performance Coach, attendance at interactive learning workshops, and and in-office visits.

What is involved?


Step 1: This step consists of two complimentary One-on-One phone discussion exploring the appropriateness and fit of a coaching relationship. Problems, challenges and opportunities, as well as your expectations and desired outcomes from coaching will be discussed.

Step 2: Pre-Coaching Assessment Phase: If it looks like a good fit, we invite you to meet face-to-face for a day and a half in-depth discussion called the Pre-Coaching Assessment. Through this process we can come to fully understand your history and determine the critical success factors most important to you and your team’s future success.


Together, we will create a personalized “Developmental Action Plan” summarizing the topics we will work on together. Popular topics include: practice management, clinical issues, effective leadership, strategic planning, case acceptance, increased profitability, marketing & positioning, elevating Emotional Intelligence, raising team commitment, transition planning, and balancing home/work life.

“Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.” – Pablo Picasso


We will dive into action with a coaching engagement guided by the Developmental Action Plan as a guide. This unique to you plan often includes:

  • Communication by phone at least twice per month to discuss the topics you have chosen to pursue plus attention to critical issues as they arise in the practice.
  • Access to our valuable educational resources
  • Several In-Office Coaching visits to support and train for desired change in systems and processes that will move you forward toward the practice culture and flow you desire.