Bill Woodburn

Bill Woodburn is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Marriage & Family Therapist with 20 + years’ experience helping people find healing inside family and work groups. He has consulted organizations ranging from educational and social service agencies to corporations and has taught graduate and undergraduate courses in human development and group dynamics.

With Inspero, he acts as a consultant on human relationships, especially complex social systems. Bill is key presenter and facilitator in our nationally acclaimed Emotional Intelligence workshops and presentations. He is also involved with all of our coaching clients – especially early in our work – to help sort out intra-personal issues that could be blocking their progress.

With a specialty in Systems-Based Family Therapy, Bill starts with the premise that individual actions are heavily determined by the rules and roles the system has set up, mediated by the communication system in place, and driven by the need to adapt to the environment in which the system finds itself. His grasp of group dynamics adds a strong foundation to Emotional Intelligence workshops, performance coaching and strategic planning consulting. His teaching style brings a great sense of humor.

M.Ed., Counseling, East Tennessee State University