Jason Luchtefeld

“Deep and Simple is far more essential than Shallow and Complex.”
– Fred Rogers

I am here to engage with other professionals for a preferred future involving life long learning and health promoting activities.  With humor and creativity, I will help others develop long-term plans for fulfilment and clarity.

After an exciting four years of dental school at Southern Illinois University I spent a year in residency at the Denver VA Hospital.  Opening a practice from scratch in the small mountain town of Frisco, CO taught me a lot about running a business, marketing, developing relationships with patients and community, forming a positive practice culture and so much more.  A couple moves later and now I am in Robinson, IL (a town of about 7500 people).  I still practice about 25 hours per week doing a wide variety of simple to complex procedures.

Active involvement in organized dentistry has been with me since dental school where I was the AADS (now ADEA) representative.  Eventually, I found the AES in 2007.  Shortly after joining I volunteered and soon became the Chair of the Exhibits committee.  It was during this time that I met Dr. Bob Frazer and Dr. Dick Schirmer.  They were getting ready to start a new Applied Strategic Plan (ASP) for the AES and asked me to Co-Chair the process.  Through the ASP process I found a new passion that allowed me to fully express my love for learning, creativity, future-thinking and helping guide others.

Now, with Inspero, I work with a collaborative group of innovative thinkers and doers to help dentists, dental teams and dental organizations realize their preferred futures.  Our “deep and simple” process is rooted in decades of research and experience to help provide the appropriate guidance for anyone willing to commit to the process.

I can’t wait to see what we can do with you.



Jason Luchtefeld
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