Inspero Breathe Hope Virtual 5k


When:  May 2, 2020

Where:  Your place!

How:  Movement

Why:  Get moving and benefit Hope Smiles!

Increase your donation in increments of $10.00 by clicking the up arrow!
All proceeds benefiting Hope Smiles!


Hope is the consequence of Action so let’s move!

On Saturday, May 2nd we will be inspiring a virtual 5k.  This is on the honor system.  Anytime during the day get out and walk, jog, hike or run a 5k (3.1 miles).  Share your inspiration or your route or a pic of you in action on our Facebook Event page.

All proceeds will go to Hope Smiles – Hope Smiles seeks to awaken hearts and mobilize a global community of leaders to restore hope and transform lives through dentistry.


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