EI Austin 2020


For one registration simply press “add to cart.”

When registering multiple people simply click the up arrow in the box immediately underneath the “Additional attendees” for the number of people IN ADDITION to the first registrant.
For example:
A doc registering themselves and 2 team members would select a “2” in the additional attendees and then click “add to cart.”
This will then show that there are 3 people registered.


You can’t grow your Emotional Intelligence by reading about
it in a book. It is a skill that must be developed collaboratively
over time. This workshop is a launch pad for that process. At
Inspero, we create a fun and safe environment for raising your
Emotional Intelligence and learning new skills to leverage your
success in your work and life. Bill, Ryan, and Bob will lead you
through practice-tested, results-targeted EI skills to resolve your
challenges, ensure excellence in team performance, and provide
a truly REMARKABLE transformational patient experience.


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