Applied Strategic Planning is the process by which an individual, the guiding members of a family, or an organization envision (imagine) their best possible future and then create the necessary systems to achieve that future. It merges non-linear vision with linear logic – not to control the future, but to be in creative cooperation with the future. With Applied Strategic Planning, we begin with the end in mind, meaning that every step of the plan is an increment towards achieving your vision, not just a step towards accomplishing a plan.

Our Personal Applied Strategic Planning program is designed especially for dental practices , their spouses and their teams. This rewarding program, popular for 20 years, consists of a pre-retreat consult and assessment followed by a series of three retreats in beautiful Texas Hill Country beginning in October and ending late Spring.


A clear vision of how you and your spouse or significant other would choose to live, including what you want to accomplish or experience, how you want to spend your time, and how your practice can support your personal vision.
A concrete plan outlining action steps required to reach the personal vision of your best future.
A new sense of purpose creating active stakeholders within your practice who are more eager to contribute to your vision and mission.
The chance to envision the significant changes and most effective responses to the challenges and opportunities for your life and practice in the next several years.

Who Should Participate:

Any doctor or professional struggling to find fulfillment or balance, facing a transition, desiring to chart a course for the next phase of their life, or seeking new ways to break through to the highest level of success in their field.  Reflect and refocus: Just what your life and work may be longing for.

Pre-Retreat Assessment and Consultation

Before the Applied Strategic Planning (ASP) Retreats get underway, we will profile you and your practice to identify your key strategic concerns: both problems and opportunities.  We will do this through a questionnaire and telephone consult during which we will also assess your desired outcomes and make certain this series will help you achieve them.  If so, it is off to Retreat I and the start of a life-enriching plan!

This Pre-ASP phase enables you to see the big picture and ensure a running start.
This assessment and chance to reflect give you and your spouse a common starting point for the planning work that lies ahead.