Iréne is a dynamic and delightful speaker, a personable facilitator and an accomplished hygiene practitioner. She is recognized as a passionate Dental Hygiene Coach who helps design Top 5% Hygiene departments. Iréne connects with her audience. Her stories are real and her ideas and solutions are simple and achievable. She has natural leadership skills and is a wonderful coach for doctors/team members wishing to grow this role in their dental career.

As a team leader in Dr. Bob Frazer’s practice, she has become an expert in Applied Strategic Planning. This valuable hands on education included creating strategic plans, implementation and successfully incorporating improvements and systems into the office operations.

As an Associate Consultant of R.L. Frazer for over 25 years, she has facilitated and coached hundreds of offices to reach their desired future in all departments. Iréne plays a key role in the 3 day comprehensive R.L. Frazer New Patient Practicum held yearly.

Iréne offers 10 programs which are centered on “value added opportunities in the dental practice”.

Her topic areas include:

> The Body-Mouth Connection thru the discussion of the Health History and addressing Healthy Diets and the Sugar Epidemic.

> Communication programs: The Power of Words; Emotional Intelligence in the Dental Practice.

> General Management programs: How to Hire Eagles and Keep Them;

Designing Productive Team Meetings; Annual Plans Utilizing the Strategic Planning Process.

> The Business of Dental Hygiene: Getting a “Yes” to your Periodontal Treatment Plans, How to make the Hygiene department a profit center, Creating strong patient relationships so that Insurance becomes less of a factor.

The unique focus of Iréne’s approach is “Stewardship.” The core of Stewardship is encouraging team members to grow their leadership and their sense of “empowerment” in the practice. Her efforts have resulted in improved efficiencies and higher level of customer/patient relations, individual and team satisfaction. Doctors and team members relate well to her message and leave feeling Inspired and excited about their opportunities in their career future.

Rely on the Expertise of Iréne Oldfather to take it to the next level.