Your Core Values Resource

A Core Value is a comprehensive and fundamental principle or an assumption of central importance that guides how an organization (or individual) approaches and thinks about the actions and decisions of the organization. Core Values can apply to the behaviors in general or apply to specific functions and decisions.

Core Values in action define your culture!

This page provides exercises and resources to help you uncover, define, and operationalize your core values – individually and organizationally.  

Sorting out your Core Values can be a challenging, yet hugely fulfilling, exercise.  Oftentimes, people will realize they may not be living up to their idea of their own core values.  

That’s OK!

Now is the day you can grab ahold of what you stand for and live it every day.

You can also implement a foundation of core values in your business.

To the right are several exercises.  The first is meant for personal core values clarification.  The second is a fun personal exercise.  The third will transition into core values for your business.  The VIA link will take you to the VIACharacter site where you can do a free assessment about your Character Strengths which will have tremendous overlap with your self-determined core values.

Below is an organization centric core values selection tool.  You can use this along with your team.

Have everyone complete the selector and bring their results to a team meeting.  Use their results (along with yours) to foster a conversation about what the organization core values are and/or should be.  Have fun and let us know if you need any help.