Conscious Leadership Continuum

In the 1960’s & 70’s Dr. Bob Barkley, a visionary dentist from a small town in Western Illinois, created a remarkable health-centered, relationship based, values driven, high trust new patient experience which became the foundation of his very successful dental practice and subsequent speaking career. He was the first to coin the term co-diagnosis and advocate collaborating with a patient as to the choice of treatment that best meets their needs and wants. It wasn’t until 1995 that Daniel Goleman published his seminal book Emotional Intelligence in which he described the neurological and behavioral basis of what Barkley had done years earlier. Barkley, like his mentor L.D. Pankey, was so far ahead of the science that we’re just now catching up.

Recent research by Paul Zak, PhD in his book Trust Factor shows when you create a positive social interaction with another person, the hormone oxytocin surges through the brain creating a sense of trust. Zak states – “This simple mechanism, a positive social interaction, creates a perpetual trust-building cycle…”

The Conscious Leadership Continuum: