Bob Frazer, Jr., DDS, FACD, FICD

Helping Dentists and Teams Create a Life of
Uncommon Success with Significance.

Whether it means more prosperity for your dental practice, greater impact for your organization or a healthier balance between your life and work, Dr. Bob Frazer’s presentations are designed to guide you in making your life the one you dream about.

Content rich, entertaining, and highly motivating, Dr. Frazer’s presentations draw from actual experiences in his highly successful dental practice coupled with the best literature in the field. Dr. Frazer teaches his audiences how to adopt a transformational mindset in addition to showing them practical, high benefit “how-to’s” for success.

Participants leave with increased motivation, enthusiasm, clarity of purpose and proven take home ideas. Each presentation encourages audience dialogue and ends with an action planning process that allows participants to take back doable
action steps.

Dr. Frazer’s course topics:

  • Creating Powerful Practices — Elevating Emotional Intelligence
  • Dentists and Teams that Get Results — Unleashing the Power of Emotional Intelligence
  • The Art and Science of Designing Your Future — Applied Strategic Planning For Your Life and Practice
  • Building the Thriving Relationship Based Practice for the 21st Century — An Assessment and Exploration of Seven Essential Parameters

The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom, but leads you to the threshold of your own mind.

Kahlil Gibran

Dr. Frazer has made feature presentations to virtually every major U.S. dental meeting, hundreds of study clubs, and AGD Continuing Education sponsors, plus dental organizations in Ireland, Europe and Switzerland, the United Kingdom and most Canadian provinces.

Creating Practices

Join Bob Frazer, DDS, dentistry’s authority on Emotional Intelligence and counselor Bill Woodburn, MEd, LPC, LMFT, expert in human system dynamics, for this content rich, highly entertaining, fast paced presentation that routinely sells out.

Often the most intelligent and technically excellent seem to be on a never-ending journey to elevate their technical competency. But, many dental professionals end up frustrated as they encounter countless recurring interpersonal problems. No matter how hard they try, they cannot get most patients to routinely elect their finest, complete care dentistry.

Bob and Bill will lead you through top 2% practice tested, results targeted EI skills to resolve your challenges, ensure excellent team performance and provide a truly transformational patient experience.  Brimming with humor and wisdom, listen and apply insights of psychology to building a successful dental practice. Empower yourself and your team through new, problem-focused learning methods and hands-on skills practice in a supportive and fun environment.

If you’d like to reduce work-related stress, increase your profits and build better relationships, this program on Emotional Intelligence is for you!

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover the power of Emotional Intelligence and its applications to dentistry
  • Gain skills to become a highly effective, balanced and authentic leader
  • Explore the four forms of listening and how to hear the emotions underlying the issues
  • Learn less stressful, most effective and positive conflict resolution strategies
  • Dramatically improve your case acceptance, empathy and listening skills
  • Use real-life leadership scenarios to learn new behaviors, thoughts and feelings in a safe, supportive environment
  • Create a Self-Directed Learning Plan that charts a step-by-step path to your ideal highly effective professional and personal self
  • Build a cohesive, more self-managing, high
    teamwork practice that elevates your patient’s experience and increases treatment acceptance

Suggested Format: Day Workshop, Half-Day Keynote

Suggested Audience: Dentist, Team Member, Spouse

Dentists and Teams that Get Results the power of Emotional Intelligence

Raise your effectiveness as a leader, fully connect with people, and achieve breakthrough gains in performance. Learn how to extinguish recurring team problems and increase case acceptance. Join Dr. Bob Frazer, the foremost authority on Emotional Intelligence in dentistry for a content rich, lively presentation. We’ll explore not only the importance of E.I., but its application to all the roles of dentists and team members — from leadership, to getting the right people on your bus, to training and development, to marketing, case acceptance, and enhanced profitability.
Participants will confidentially assess their own E.Q. (emotional quotient), and learn how to apply the science and elevate critical E.I. competencies to enhance leadership and influence. 


75% of high achievers’ success stems from Emotional Intelligence (E.I.) while only 25% can be attributed to necessary technical competency.

Harvard Business Review

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover the power of Emotional Intelligence and its applications to dentistry
  • Learn how hidden group and interpersonal dynamics affect team performance, case acceptance, and practice climate
  • Grow self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management skills to become highly effective and authentic leaders
  • Increase treatment acceptance quickly and dramatically through genuine emotional empathy and elevated listening skills
  • Learn less stressful, effective and positive conflict resolution strategies
  • Discover, understand and begin to heal dysfunctional behaviors
  • Explore the four forms of listening and how to hear and respond to the emotions underlying the issues
  • Create a self-directed learning plan that charts a step-by-step path to your ideal highly effective self and a more joyful, productive and healthy workplace

Suggested Format: Full or Half-Day, Workshop, Keynote
Suggested Audience: Dentist, Team Member, Spouse

The of Designing Your Future

Practicing dentistry in today’s turbulent
social, political, professional, and economic
environment has never been more
challenging or more promising.

Leading today’s practice, while also serving as a primary revenue producer, is analogous to riding a bicycle on a cobblestone street. The very act requires so much energy and attention that little is left for you to decide where you really want your practice and life to go.

In this content rich, compelling presentation, Dr. Bob Frazer, the foremost authority in applied strategic planning in dentistry today, shares the critical beliefs, processes and actions necessary for success from some of the world’s most respected and profitable companies in the context of our dental practices.

Participants will explore the three cornerstones of our life and life’s work, clarifying what matters most in each of these dimensions of life — both as a whole person and as a committed professional. A central theme will be the values-based, principle-centered life.

Laugh and perhaps even shed a tear as Dr. Frazer shares some of his life’s trials and triumphs toward a life well lived.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the Applied (Action Oriented) Strategic Planning process
  • Learn how to create a clear and compelling vision of your best possible future
  • Through energizing exercises and discussions, clarify your values and highest aspirations for what you really want for your life and practice.
  • How to write an empowering mission, supporting goals and concrete objectives, and integrated action plans that assure your vision’s attainment.
  • Know and act on what matters most for you to live an intentional life of uncommon success and significance.
  • Most importantly how to create, monitor and execute your plan

Suggested Format: Full or Half-Day, Workshop, Keynote
Suggested Audience: Dentist, Team Member, Spouse

Building the Relationship Based Practice for the 21st Century

An Assessment and Exploration of 7 Essential Parameters

Are you effectively overcoming the threats and seizing the opportunities of today’s highly competitive,  consolidating dental marketplace?
Do you want a dental team that’s committed and fully engaged, affording you more freedom, less responsibility and low stress?
Would you like to enjoy the benefits of the seven essential disciplines and proven systems that can take your practice to the highest levels of effectiveness and profit?

Does your practice convey value from the first contact — whether by phone or website — and throughout each appointment? Are you focusing on needs…or wants? Your new patient experience must be emotionally intelligent and transformational (versus transactional) — creating a WOW like Disney creates when visiting their parks.

Beginning with an insightful assessment of the seven critical parameters in each participants’ practice, Dr. Frazer provides a clear set of “how to’s” to elevate those parameters to a “Wow!” level for patients which creates a values/wants driven transformational — rather than the typical needs/cost driven transactional — practice.

Through this high energy, content rich, entertaining presentation, learn how to do this with an emotionally intelligent, relationship based, values interpreting, transformational patient experience. Dr. Bob Frazer will share “secrets” developed from providing 30+ years of high quality,  comprehensive, health-centered care.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the interpersonal skills needed to effectively market your highest-quality, comprehensive care
  • Explore the extraordinary success that a synergistic team committed to a clear mission and employing well-defined systems can achieve in your practice
  • Discover the key questions to ask and the importance of deep reflective listening for doctors and team — “The more we listen the better they hear us!”
  • Understand how to respond to emotions while interpreting value for your best care — “The seller of any service sets the fee, but the consumer must experience the value.”
  • How to Build Your New Patient Process on a Proven Strategy that puts you in the driver’s seat for today’s more discriminating patients

Suggested Format: Full or Half-Day, Workshop, Keynote
Suggested Audience: Dentist, Team Member, Spouse