Are you searching for ways to improve?  Are you frustrated with stagnation or lack of fulfillment?  Keep reading…

Yes, the workshop is called, “BETTER!” 

The inspero-ation for the workshop came out of discussions around what it to took to make improvements in practice and in life – to find a BETTER way, so to speak.  These discussions became a lightening rod for ideas to incorporate into a workshop that would make what we’ve learned and implemented available to everyone.  Knowing that nobody likes to be lectured at we decided to make this an interactive workshop that allowed any individual to customize it to their needs.  You will find value in everything presented.  Some of the content may resonate more and allow you to integrate it from day one (that’s our goal).  

This interactive workshop will provide you with strategies to make 2020 your best year yet.  You will obtain concrete actionable tools to implement individually or with your team. 

  • Develop a vision for your preferred future.
  • Learn skills for fulfilling your vision.
  • Enhance communication between you, your team, and your patients.
  • Improve your clinical skills in the areas discussed during the workshop.
  • Learn how to fuel your body.
  • Integrate movement into your daily life for improved comfort and function.
  • Learn ways to be creative with individualized solutions to challenges you are facing.

This workshop is all about you – your experience, your engagement and your plan for a BETTER 2020.  There are no sponsors, no exhibitors, no BS.

The BETTER workshop brought to you by Inspero will set you up for your best year yet.  Make 2020 unlike any other by learning dozens of tips and techniques to improve life and work.


The Alexander Hotel – Downtown Indianapolis

Reserve (by December 10) your room here


January 10-11, 2020


Dentists, dental teams (special pricing for teams – just shoot us an email) or 

Anyone interested in making a change for the better in dentistry and/or in life.  This workshop will have something for everybody.  You will be asked to complete a pre-workshop survey so that we can customize the workshop for the group.

The weekend will be structured around the concept of creating your BETTER day…every day.

               Day 1:   The focus will be on developing your customized content and goals.
                              Time will be spent discussing sleep, nutrition, morning routines, movement, dentistry and more.

               Day 2:   Building on Day 1 content and continuing the discussion on food, work and integration.

As an attendee, you will experience:

  • Presentations led by the leading experts on topics including but not limited to:
                                food, exercise, dentistry, mindset, depression, mindfulness
  • Research-based small group activities to foster creativity.
  • Guided practices (as desired) around movement, mindfulness and more.
  • The chance to fully think about and develop goals for yourself, your office and your team.
  • Tools for integrating change into your life and work to increase fulfillment and meaning.
  • The opportunity to interact with colleagues and friends.

This brand new workshop will take place at the unique and creativity inspiring Alexander Hotel in downtown Indianapolis.  An underlying goal is for you to become more self-sufficient, confident and clear about where you want to go and how you can get there.  No prior experience is necessary.

12 CE credits will be awarded for the weekend.

This workshop will be strictly limited to 40 attendees to allow for maximum interaction and value.  Register early to reserve your seat.  Once registered you will receive a survey to allow us to customize your experience.  Once arriving to the workshop you will receive a notebook full of projects and tools.

Plan to arrive Thursday evening, January 9, 2020.  We will begin Friday, January 10, 2020 at 6:30am with a Yoga session for those interested.  Breakfast will be from 7:30-8:00.  The workshop will begin promptly at 8:00 each day.

Your Hosts and Presenters:

Jason Luchtefeld
Ryan Coulon
Lisa Alvarado
Don Taylor
Matt Standridge