A Taste of EI recently held at the beginning of November was an outstanding success.  This is replacing our regular in-person Applied Emotional Intelligence Workshop.  We met live Virtually on November 6 and 7 to share introductory information about EI and then get into some details about listening and Conflict Resolution strategies.  

This specific topic (Conflict Resolution) has been widely requested by clients as something sorely needed right now.  As a primer and a taste of the taste you can listen in to a conversation between Bob and Bill from Bob’s Proven Strategies series.  The track is from Chapter 3 that features Bill Woodburn. 

Three Ways to Conflict - Bob Frazer and Bill Woodburn

Applied Emotional Intelligence Workshop:

Unleashing the Power of EI


emotional intelligence                    

| noun |   emo·​tion·​al | \ i-ˈmō-shnəl |   in·​tel·​li·​gence | \ in-ˈte-lə-jən(t)s

Our capacity for recognizing and understanding our own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves, and for managing emotions well in ourselves and in our relationships.

EI Interview

Click here for the podcast about EI with Bob Frazer and Gary Takacs

Emotional Intelligence refers to our capacity for recognizing and understanding our own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves, and for managing emotions well in ourselves and in our relationships. And while these “soft skills” may not be the only predictors of professional success, a multitude of research has shown that EI plays a crucial role in the workplace. In fact, recent studies have demonstrated that EI has a strong impact on both individual productivity and on overall organizational performance, as well as the alarming finding that a lack of EI can negatively impact the professional success of even the most technically capable medical professional. In short, a thoughtful focus on EI can help you take your dental practice to the next level, while the inability to harness its power can lead to difficulty meeting the needs of your patients and your team.

At Inspero, we have long recognized the robust power of studying EI and of using soft skills to take our technical practice to another level. Over the past decade, we have helped hundreds of dentists and teams from all over the United States and Western Europe achieve the kind of rewarding patient relationships and supportive team environments that create a truly successful and meaningful practice. We continue to refine our approach to helping doctors and teams master these vital skills.

"It was such a wonderful experience. I met so many incredible people. It was 3 day and they went so fast. This seminar is one of the best I’ve ever attended!!!"

Primary Facilitators

Bill Woodburn

A professional Counselor and Master Story Teller, Bill explains how hidden group and interpersonal dynamics affect team performance.

Ryan Coulon

A practicing dentist and pioneer in dental leadership, Ryan brings concepts of Conscious Awareness and Conversational Agility to dentists and teams.

Bob Frazer

A performance coach to dentists for over 30 years, Bob leads you through the top 2% of practice-tested, results-targeted EI skills to ensure excellent team performance.

Emotional Intelligence is highly useful in all interpersonal communications, and it is essential in creating a high Trust Culture in your dental practice. In addition to building trust, EI also informs the process for navigating difficult conversations with compassion and professionalism, allowing you to make a greater positive impact in the work you do. After all, better communication and a spirit of collaboration with patients helps them to choose your best and finest care. Studies at both Harvard and Rutgers have shown that 75 percent of high achievers’ success stems directly from Emotional Intelligence, with only 25 percent attributed to technical competency, so your overall level of care is raised when you employ EI skills. Though not everyone is born having a high Emotional Quotient (EQ), it can be learned and grown with focused effort, unlike IQ which remains static throughout life.

“As a performance coach to dentists for over 28 years, I have continually seen a pattern: Often, the most gifted intellectually (high IQ) and technically excellent dentists seem to be on a never-ending journey of CE to elevate their technical competency. Yet, they end up frustrated and even depressed with recurring staff problems and, no matter how hard they try, their patients do not routinely choose the fine dentistry that they’ve learned to deliver. At the same time, I encounter good dentists with patients wanting the dentistry they offer. I am convinced one must have technical competency, but the difference – particularly among the star performers – is Emotional Intelligence! Remember, every major purchasing decision is first an emotional decision that is then backed up by enough logic to justify it to yourself and others.” — Robert Frazer, DDS

“I left Austin with an EI–hangover, in love with my team and confident that I can become the leader I imagine. These are rough times in Michigan and in dentistry. You guys together (the combination of psychology and advanced restorative dentistry) are amazing.” – Susan Maples, DDS (Holt, MI)

You can’t grow your Emotional Intelligence by reading about it in a book. It is a skill that must be developed collaboratively over time. This workshop is a launch pad for that process.

At Inspero, we create a fun and safe environment for raising your Emotional Intelligence and learning new skills to leverage your success in your work and life. Bill, Ryan and Bob will lead you through practice-tested, results-targeted EI skills to resolve your challenges, ensure excellence in team performance and provide a truly REMARKABLE transformational patient experience.

In sessions brimming with humor and wisdom, you’ll learn and apply insights of psychology to help you build a successful dental practice. You’ll empower yourself and your team through new, problem-focused learning methods and hands-on skills practice in a supportive and fun environment.

If you’d like to reduce work-related stress, increase your profits and build better interpersonal relationships, this Emotional Intelligence program is for you!

As a pediatric practice, we deal with both the emotions of the children and their parents, plus we tend to have large teams requiring EI leadership. Your Unleashing the Power of EI workshop is simply a must!” – Mark Kogut, DDS, MS (Dallas, TX)

Guided by Bill, Bob and Ryan – veritable experts in the application of EI to propel your practice and your team to new levels of success – you’ll discover how these soft skills can impact your life and work in powerful ways.

  • Licensed Professional Counselor and Master Story Teller Bill Woodburn explains how hidden group and interpersonal dynamics affect team performance, and impact treatment acceptance and practice climate.
  • Bob Frazer, DDS leads you through the top 2 percent of practice-tested, results-targeted EI skills to answer your challenges, ensure excellent team performance and provide a truly “Wow” transformational patient experience.
  • Ryan Coulon, DDS will help facilitate and demonstrate what it means to bring more Conscious Awareness and Agility to your conversations with your team and patients, while weaving in the most current Neuroendocrinology data available.

Benefits of Improving your Emotional Intelligence

  • Gain the skills necessary to become a highly effective, balanced and authentic leader
  • Build a cohesive, self-managing, highly collaborative practice that elevates each patient’s experience and increases treatment acceptance
  • See dramatic improvement in your personal boundaries, empathy and listening skills
  • Learn to apply the Six Styles of Highly Effective Leaders
  • Prevent hidden emotional dynamics from sabotaging your best intentions in areas like teamwork, accountability and case acceptance
  • Create a Self-Directed Learning Plan that charts a step-by-step path to your ideal highly effective professional and personal self
  • Use real-life and practice leadership scenarios to learn new behaviors, thoughts and feelings in a safe, supportive environment (75 percent of the workshop is hands-on)
  • Increase treatment acceptance quickly and dramatically through genuine emotional connection, empathy and elevated listening skills
  • Learn less stressful, effective and positive conflict resolution strategies
  • Explore the four forms of listening and how to hear and respond to the emotions underlying the issues
  • Grow self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management skills to become a highly effective and authentic leader

Join a growing community of dentists and teams who have discovered how to use Emotional Intelligence to positively transform their practices.


“In nearly 30 years of CE, this was the best non-technical course I’ve ever attended. I was able to immediately apply what I learned with positive results.” – Don Kleier, DDS, MS

“This workshop empowered and inspired me and my team like none we’ve taken in over 25 years! The EI skills we learned will allow us to grow our sense of community and serve our patients in a truly transformational way. We’ll be back again – you just can’t get enough EI!” – Mike Robichaux, DDS (Slidell, LA)

“The great thing about this workshop is that what I learned about EI will not only make me a much more effective team member, it will make me a better wife, mother and whole person.” – Heather Shoemaker, Treatment Coordinator (Buda, TX)

“Bob, all of your courses are phenomenal – the time, organization, delivery and most of all the genuinely caring effort you make to give each attendee the best possible learning opportunity is remarkable. That said – the Emotional Intelligence Workshop is the foundation for everything else you teach. It’s simply golden.”  – Chuck Fischer, DDS (Denver, CO)

“I wanted to thank you for such an enlightening weekend. I’ve been using the Awareness Wheel (positive conflict resolution tool) often and it’s working! My husband is learning to use it in his business w ith his employees with great success. The ‘dance’ you and Bill do in the workshop is very comfortable and you complement each other well.” – Cory Richie, RDH (Holt, MI)